Jani Oravamäki

General Manager
jani@tervahiihto.fi or jani.oravamaki@gmail.com
p. 040 586 8054

It is my task to organise, together with the skilled Tervahiihto team, a memorable skiing experience for both elite skiers and those enjoying a trek. Our common goal is to lift the oldest ski race in the world back to the status it deserves among the most popular winter sports events.

“I have a strong calling to the sport and my heart beats for skiing. It is a sport for the whole body that is good for both the muscles and the joints. You are all warmly welcome to Tervahiihto!”

Juhani Jämsä

Assistant General Manager

p. 0400-383181

I am a Jack-of-all-trades in Tervahiihto and have been working around  ski events since 1980´s.

“Welcome to Tervahiihto!”


Maija Oravamäki


As an experienced endurance athlete Maija has witnessed many events both at home and abroad, and has an important role acting as Jani’s right hand in creating ideas and developing the event. Maija interfaces with our sponsors and is a member in Päivi’s CommsSquad SoMe team as well as acting as Tervahiihto coach and blogger.

“Skiing is extremely versatile! It’s great supporting exercise for competitive athletes of other sports as well as being a good choice for everyday sport. It also allows you to bond with nature even if you live in an urban setting. Welcome aboard!” 

Päivi Lohikoski

Communications Manager
paivi@tervahiihto.fi or paivi.lohikoski@oulu.fi
p. 044 572 5584

Päivi teaches at the university and has a communications startup that develops stakeholder communication for Tervahiihto with a focus on social media. She comes up with new ideas of encouraging people to take up skiing and finds new ways of creating a community spirit among our associates all year round.

As far as social media is concerned, Tervahiihto has a CommsSquad team consisting of, in addition to Päivi, competitive skiers Kusti Kittilä and Jonne Seppänen, SoMe marketing student Rami Petäsnoro and of course our tervatar Maija Oravamäki.

Päivi writes a blog entitled Ex-hockey players on their way to Tervahiihto together with Maija. The blog is all about witnessing that skiing is a sport for everybody and the right time to take up skiing is right now.

“Best ideas turn up on the ski track.”

Sakari “Sakke” Palsola



Sakke develops stakeholder cooperation and marketing for Tervahiihto.

“Enjoy the journey!”

Anu Niva

Event Coordinator: Muhos
Chairman of Laitasaaren Veto
p. 0400-994424

Anu is a member of our organisation and represents Laitasaaren Veto. Her tasks include coordinating the office for the short course in Korkalovaara and other facilities in Muhos. Anu has extensive experience from organising various sporting events.

“It’s great to take part in developing Tervahiihto to a common event for all of us living in the valleys of river Oulujoki. Skiing gives you an opportunity to move about in nature during the winter with great effect on your fitness. The Terva routes running in the valleys of river Oulujoki offers wonderful experiences, unique sights and a great scenery in nature. Welcome to the Terva route!”

Tapani Mäkinen

Race Office and Finances

Tapani is a man who wears many hats! The race office takes care of registration management before the race and the distribution of bibs on the eve of the race. We answer questions and inform the public about the event not only through the race office but through Facebook and Twitter. Tapani is also in charge of finances.

“Endurance sports in every season!”


Jouko Kaarteenaho

Event Coordinator: Oulu
p. 0400816875

Jouko works as application designer, and nowadays also with triathlon, duathlon and other endurance sports in the NUTS organisation. Joule has completed Tervahiihto nine times and volunteered twice. He acts as Stadium Chief and has many supporting roles in the board.

Just do it!”

Teemu Kattilakoski

International Affairs

The face of Tervahiihto, Teemu Kattilakoski, contributes with his international expertise. He has represented Finland in cross-country skiing in the Olympics and World Championships and won the bronze medal in the 2009 World Championship relay. Teemu also has several top rankings from marathon cup races around the world.

These days Teemu works as an entrepreneur in a sports and leisure wholesale store, so he has a great deal of knowledge in that field too.

“After my active career I have been in the habit of taking part in some popular events every year, of course without a specific goal. I try to maintain a diverse exercise menu all year round by combining different sports. Working life and being a father naturally restrict my options but I try to train whenever I have the chance. There’s nothing like the good feeling you get from working out!”

Jari Aitta

Event Coordinator: Utajärvi
Chairman of Utajärven Urheilijat

Jari acts as chairman of the board and of the skiing division in Utajärven Urheilijat. He has been an active member of Tervahiihto for 15 years. In his spare time Jari is an active skier. His role in Tervahiihto is to manage cooperation in Utajärvi and take part in organising the drinks stations and course in the region.

“Welcome to Tervahiihto!”

Race Office

Tel. +358503009577