Friday, March 2.2018

Race office opens at 12 pm (noon) and closes at 8 pm. Swix waxing service is offered at Ouluhalli by Aki Tuovinen and SWIX. Bring your skis for a professional waxing on 2.3 2018 between 12 pm and 8 pm. Your skis will be delivered to the start area waxed and ready to go – is that easy or what? :)

Saturday, March 3. 2018

Race offices are open 6.15-10 (Utajärvi and Muhos)

Start times: (Rolling start)

    • 8:00 am classic style starts in Utajärvi and Korkalanvaara
    • 8.00 elite
    • 8.00 non-licensed skiers against the clock and trek series 10.00 am free style starts in both Utajärvi and Korkalanvaara
    • 10.00 elite
    • 10.00 non-licensed skiers against the clock and trek series

Prize Giving Ceremony (Ouluhalli)

  • approximately 2.30pm classic style
  • approximately 4:30 pm free style

    Starts in Muhos and Utajärvi are rolling start. Licensed skiers go first.