53km ja 86km classic/freestyle

1.9.-31.12 2016  47€

1.1-22.2 2017 67€

23-24.2 2017 79€

22km classic/freestyle

1.9 2016- 31.12 2016  36€

1.1-22.2 2017 44€

23-24.2 2017  52€

Family event  classic/freestyle

1.9 2016- 24.2 2017   100€ (2 adults.+ 2 children, under 16v)


Instructions for paying with ePassi

  • Register for Tervahiihto and select “Invoice / Lasku”.
  • Log into ePassi.fi.
  • Select “Tervahiihto” as the service provider.
  • Enter e.g. “Men 50, Free, 86 km” into the Service code or description field (“Palvelukoodi tai kuvaus”).
  • Select the payment amount (e.g. 47,00 eur)
  • Confirm the transaction.

 The same applies for Finnish Smartum bills. The payment is automatically sent to the Tervahiihto race office, where the payment is logged as received.

Problems in registration? 

  • Click on “Register here”
  • Choose the event
  • Press the white arrow on blue background
  • Choose “Next”
  • If you are a new user, click “New user”
  • Fill in all the fields in the form on the registration page apart from “Address line 2”
  • Choose “Log in”. If an error occurs, a red underline shows what needs fixing.

Check your information. Select the licensed competition race, race without license or trek series. Reserve a bus ride if you need one to get to the start area on race day. If you subscribe to the newspaper Kaleva, add the customer ID to get a discount (until Dec 31). If you have eva Euroloppet pass, there is another field to enter that in (this registers you to a goods raffle). Finally, confirm the data and press “Pay”. The payment will be delivered to you email address. Kindly pay within one week of the registration.


If you experience trouble in registering, you may send an email to tapani@tervahiihto.fi. See you at

Tervahiihto on Feb 25, 2017!

 Underneath a photo gallery by Kai Hänninen from Tervahiihto 2016.


Print a form here

Fill in the form and send it by letter to Oulun Hiihtoseura, PL 287, 90101 Oulu, Finland or by e-mail tapani@tervahiihto.fi.