Cafe´s at Utajärvi and Sankivaara

You are welcome to join two cafe´s at Utajärvi 86km distance starting point and one at Sankivaara 22km starting point.


In Utajärvi there are two cafe´s: one is at the race office and the other at the start area by the parking lot. We serve warm drinks, sausages, cake and sandwiches. There is also a lottery for local juniors FC Yli-Utos. In this lottery everyone wins something! Please take some cash for the lottery.

Cafes are open on a morning from 6am to 10.30am.


Sankivaara café is open from 8am and we serve coffee, sandwiches and cake. Welcome to cheer to long distance skiers and to see 22km start, where also dance legend Merja Satulehto begins her first Tervahiihto. Classic series start at 9.15am and freestyle 1.30pm. Merja takes part in 1.30pm start.